Website owner and senior marketing manager, responsible for CRO strategy, SEO management, UX and user research methodology, analytics, and business alignment. During my first year at Lever, I've led projects to drive significant improvements to the website experience, with proven successful metrics as shown below. 

All proprietary company information and data have been blurred. 

bounce rate decrease in less than a year
• Implemented site-wide UX improvements with a focus on accessibility and inclusion
• Established a data-driven process for ongoing optimization opportunities 
• User journey mapping and redesign of primary pages and UI components 
• Build agile project management culture to support team efficiency and increase the velocity of releases and optimizations

• SEO strategy and alignment with content and demand gen teams
• Onboarding SEO consultant and lead project manager of SEO audit
• Ongoing technical SEO improvements and strategic web vital roadmap to improve long-term website speed performance
• On-page SEO best practices guidelines for content managers

organic traffic acquisition growth YoY

53%lead conversion rate growth in one year

• Use of new interactive technologies such as chatbot
• Implementation of interactive UI components on most pages, including video modules, assessments, and content recommendation notifications
• Release of A/B tests to support data-driven button label and content improvements 
• Personalization of partner experience on the website 
• User-driven brand refresh, using data from tests to direct our brand improvements, UI pattern library, and color scheme distribution
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