I'm Bruna Siloto, a WebOps and UX professional with over a decade of experience in website management, strategy, and project leadership. My journey began as a graphic designer, where I delved into visual communication and brand identity, sparking my interest in the intersection of design and technology. 

Driven by a passion for understanding user behavior, I transitioned to specialize in UX, leading complex projects and collaborating cross-functionally to deliver successful outcomes. My expertise encompasses web development, content management, and search engine optimization, leveraging UX principles to empower stakeholder collaboration during complex projects and to deliver user-friendly platforms that drive engagement and conversions.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm deeply passionate about psychology and its role in driving user behavior. I'm also dedicated to sharing my knowledge with others, volunteering to teach technology and UX to students of all ages, ensuring everyone has access to information in digital spaces. With industry certifications in design, UX, and web management, as well as fluency in multiple languages, I'm committed to fostering collaboration, empowering teams, and making a positive impact in the way we interact with technology and each other. 
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